Sacred Sandalwood Incense Stick (Holy & Calming)

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Nyassa Sacred Sandalwood Incense Stick - Premium, Hand Dipped, Highly Scented Indian Incense Sticks | Relaxing, Stress Relief, Meditation, Refreshing, Sensuality & Energising Incense. Pack of 30 Sticks. Made in India

The aroma of musk has been famed for ages for being sensual. Now you can enjoy the delicate and exquisite fragrance of mountain musk in your surroundings. The musky perfume of this incense lends sensuality and warmth that lingers.



Ingredient Benefits

Sandalwood- Sandalwood is well known for its religious qualities and has been used by various cultures for thousands of years. It also keeps away small insects and microbes.


HAND DIPPED STICKS – We personally dip each bundle in our very own fragrance oils at a very high ratio to ensure the fragrance strength on each stick is as strong and potent as possible. EXTRA LONG SOAKING TIMES – Because hand dipped incense are created using fragrance oil and eventually weaken in strength as the incense are exposed to air in packaging, we soak our sticks for weeks to ensure the stick saturation is at an optimum level.EXQUISITE PACKAGING – We want you to receive your sticks as fresh as possible, so we created a packaging that does that. HAND-ROLLED IN INDIA- Nyassa Incense is ceremonial incense that is hand-rolled in India to draw out negativity and bring a sense of peace and confidence. Relax and enjoy as you feel your mood elevate. MADE USING BEST INGREDIENTS- Nyassa Incense is made using the pure ingredients- best botanicals, essential oils, fragrance oils and resins - no charcoal. Can be used for aromatherapy, Yoga, Meditation, Healing, Soothing, Prayer and Romance. Available fragrance: Night Blooming Jasmine, Majestic Rose, Divine Oudh, Mountain Musk, Sacred Sandalwood, Nag Champa, Parijat Incense Stick.

How to use

Light the coated end of Incense stick and allow flame to catch. Gently blow out the flame. Place an Incense stick on a fireproof and heat resistant surface, away from inflammable material. Use incense stick with care and in well ventilated spaces.Keep out of reach of Children. Not for human consumption.

Fragrance Type/Scale

Sandalwood / Mild


Store in a Cool and Dry Place.

Country of Origin


Manufactuer Name & Address

Nyassa Retail Pvt. Ltd.,D- 5/7, TTC MIDC, Rekonda Area, Turbhe, Navi Mumbai- 400703