Sacred Sandalwood Bath Salt 220 GM

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Nyassa’s Sandalwood bath salt is an extension of our Sandalwood line of bath and body products that is a warm, woody, Heavenly fragrance. Let the delicate, woody fragrance of Sacred Sandalwood, leave you spellbound. This is a combination of Himalayan Pink Salt and Epsom salt. Himalayan Pink salt has rich mineral content that includes over 84 minerals and trace elements such as calcium, Magnesium, Potassium, copper and iron.

Himalayan Pink Salt, Epsom salt & fragrance.

Ingredient Benefits

Relaxes and relieves body aches and pains, cleanses and purifies skin, improving skin's radiance, tone, and texture.


Soothes your skin, keeping it relaxed and cool. Eliminates toxins, supports nutrients absorption. Strengthen immune system. Help deep sleep. Improves muscles strengthen and tone. Prevents cramps. HEALING SEA SALT Sandalwood enriched with natural essential oil of sandalwood and helps mitigate overall fatigue, raise mood, and boost performance. Enriched with essential oils, this curative sea salt, will bring calm and help improve mood and general state. SEA SALT SANDALWOOD has an exhilarating effect, gives strength and helps overworked yourself regain energy. The sea salt is rich in ions of calcium, potassium, and sodium. A BATH WITH FRAGRANT salt with natural sandalwood will make one feel revived and relax after a hard day. THE USE OF SEA salts with natural essential oils are a guarantee of healthy skin and body. PERSONAL CARE is a breeze with natural sea salts! HIGH MINERAL CONTENT FOR BATHING ONLY: Exotic Rose Salt is for BATH/SPA use only and is NOT a food-grade salt suitable for consumption.

How to use

For Bath Tub - Bath Salt; an effective way known to cure ailments both physical and mental. Let's see the ways it can be used to soothe you. In a bath tub add lukewarm and fresh water. Add 4-5 Spoons of bath salt in it and mix well. As a Scrub - Mix it with carrier oil like sweet almond or jojoba oil and gentle rub it on your skin. You can even rub it gently with the help of a damp wash cloth. It exfoliates your skin and cleanses it. Foot and Hand - Add a spoonful in a small tub of water and soak your feel and hands. Give your arms the therapy that they need. Purification of Home - These salts can be also used to purify the home/office premises. It absorbs the negative energy. Add it to the water while mopping or cleaning or you can also place it at the corners of your shelves. Note: Always rinse treated area with fresh water after each Exotic Rose salt usage.

Fragrance Type/Scale

Sandalwood / Mild


Store in a Cool and Dry Place.

Country of Origin


Manufactuer Name & Address

Nyassa Retail Pvt. Ltd.,D- 5/7, TTC MIDC, Rekonda Area, Turbhe, Navi Mumbai- 400703