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Raat Rani, Kewda & Champa – An Indian Trilogy

Raat Rani, Kewda & Champa – An Indian Trilogy

Any given day in India you will find an Indian starting his/her morning by either watering a flower or offering one to their deity. Flowers hold a special place in Indian traditions and culture. It is almost impossible to pray to the lord without offering a flower. The floral fragrances of Kewda, Son Champa, and Raat ki Rani are included in our collection of Handmade soaps. We call it “The Trilogy Of Indian Flowers”. These fragrances not only remind us of our culture but also gladden us. They are of great significance but they also carry a special meaning with them. The Sun once broke a heart! She was sad and vowed to never reveal her essence whenever He is around. She purposely blooms in the night, releasing her enchanting fragrance so that he keeps searching for her during the whole day.

Raat ki Rani: the flower that hides from the Sun! She is so pure and modest that it is one of the few flowers that can be collected from the ground and still can be offered for worship. Its fragrance is so sweet, mesmerizing, and enchanting that any passer by cannot miss her. As this fragrance engulfs you, you are teleported to a land of romance, mysticism, and purity. Raat ki Rani – Nyassa brings her to you even during the day! In the form of a beautiful handmade soap full of love. Once a beloved of Shiva, then a cursed one. Discarded by the Lord and then redeemed by him to become the ultimate offering to Goddess Lakshmi.

Kewda: the flower which fell down to move to the topmost position as an offering to the Gods. It has a unique rose-like fragrance, sweet and pure. Traditionally it is never offered in the worship of Lord Shiva but it’s a favorite of Him. Apart from the fragrance, it is also used in various foods and drinks. Kewda – Nyassa offers her to you captured in the form of beautiful handmade soap. The flower which Lord Shiva is highly pleased to receive. He becomes so happy that He fulfills all the wishes of his devotees till the day Narad cursed it. To be redeemed later and taken to Kailash by the lord himself. The great Indian flower, the son Champa!

The fragrance of Son Champa is lush and smooth that penetrates into your senses completely. Apart from the fragrance, the beauty of the flower is beholding. Son Champa – Nyassa offers this beauty in the form of handmade soap.

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